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Client Information

We have focused our expertise exclusively in the health care industry and related businesses since our inception in 1974. We maintain an outstanding reputation for high quality service and professional ethics. We strive to meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

Our track record of excellence is proven through the completion of countless middle and senior management searches. Our goal is to partner in a long-term relationship with our numerous and valued clients. We share our clients' high standards and work with them to develop a recruitment strategy that will refer only qualified candidates.

A search begins with a job description provided by our client and the development of a profile of the person who will best fill the position. It continues as we identify, screen and interview potential candidates. Our sophisticated database and research capabilities allow us to target outstanding candidates. Our goal is to surface the well employed who are not actively looking. We expedite the interview process and assist in negotiations related to the terms of hire.

Each of our experienced recruiters concentrates on specific areas and is knowledgeable in his/her industry.